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Welcome-TV (WTV) is a global tourism promoting television channel. In 2021 Welcome-TV will expand its broadcasting to 10 countries and will gradually increase its cable/satellite coverage around the globe.


Welcome-TV covers tourism in 193 United Nations countries around the world allowing our viewers to make a full journey around the planet every 12 hours. As a part of our basic coverage, each one of the 193 countries receives an equal and free opportunity to promote tourism in their country. Additional coverage of your country is also possible via special paid projects.


We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity and share the best your country has to offer with the rest of the world!



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    Send Your Video    

There are many great destinations around the world and each place is unique in its own way. Welcome-TV invites all 193 United Nations member states to send us the video of your country and we will help you share it with the rest of the world! 


It doesn't matter whether you are a government official responsible for promoting domestic tourism or a video blogger that travels the world and wants to share personal video diaries - we would love to hear from you and add you to our TV map of the world! 


Now bear in mind that your video shall be in English and meet certain technical and editorial requirements. You should also hold the copyrights to the provided video and be prepared to sign a release form allowing us to broadcast in cable/satellite networks around the world.


Promoting your country has never been easier! Reach out to us and let's do this together!    



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    Book Your Travel    

Did you see a place on Welcome-TV that you would love to visit? Save the trip code that is shown on the bottom of the screen. Our travel agents will be able to tell you everything about this place and help you book the exact experience that you just saw on Welcome-TV. 


We partner with hundreds of vetted local guides and trusted local travel operators that will design your dream vacation. Whether you are into scuba diving, exploring local cuisine or like going off the beaten track – everything you see on Welcome-TV could be your own adventure! 


Get in touch and we will book you an experience of a lifetime – just like the one you just saw on Welcome-TV. 



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